Featured Artist of the Month – Anahit Fstkchian

Happy April!! I’m excited to introduce Anahit Fstkchian this month in our blog. I’ve met her last year when I participated in the Day of Healing event held in Tarzana, CA. She’s a spiritual intuitive artist who makes these vibrant spiritual paintings using beautiful embellishments.


-Tell us about yourself

My name is Anahit. I was born in Armenia. My family immigrated to Los Angeles in early 1980’s. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and I have lived here for the most of my life.

I’m a Spiritual Intuitive Artist, an Empath, Reiki Master Teacher, and the organizer of “A Day of Healing” Metaphysical & Artisan Fairs.

-What is your brand and/or passion?

 I love being creative and all I want to do is paint and make art. I am very passionate about the Healing Arts in general and helping people. I love creating positive energy and bringing love to light. The healing arts in general is a big part of my life.

-What inspires your work?

Inspiration can come from anywhere. I’m mostly inspired by nature and by the connection to my higher self. Being creative and creating art are ways for me to connect within. The more I create the more I am inspired to create. More and more people are living an inspired life and I am hopeful that inspiration will rule the world someday.

-What does happiness mean to you?

Happiness is a collection of small bits of joyful moments from here and there. A person doesn’t need much to be happy. I think living in the moment free of any judgment, fear and preconceptions brings a lot of peace and joy to a person.

-What do you want others to know about you?

 I do my best to live my life in truth. I challenge myself to become a better version of me every day no matter how much I fail. I am big on self-development and spiritual growth.

-How do you share your passion with the world?

 I’ve shown my art at some fairs and art exhibits. I have my work posted on social media, my personal website and Esty.  I also host community healing arts fairs, couple of times a year. My goal is to bring everyone together for a day of healing and inspiration. Also, to help elevate the Healing Arts Community by providing a platform for other healers and artists to come together to network and grow their businesses.

-Where can we find you?

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @Anahitwithlove and my website anahitwithlove.com

-Are you currently working on a project that you don’t mind sharing or are you running a sale or special?

I don’t have any planned events for my art soon. My goal is to continue painting and experimenting with different mediums and grow as an artist.

-Do you do this full time or is it more of a side project?

I can’t say it’s a side project because Art is a priority in my life. I do have a full-time job which helps support me to be able to do my art and organize the community fairs. In addition to my job I spend anywhere from 25 to 35 hours a week growing my art business and also organizing the Healing Arts Fairs.

-What are your plans?

 My goal is to transition from my current job to full time art and building the Healing Arts SFV group and events.

Beautiful art made by Anahit!



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Love + Light 

Jenn Sher  ⚛️🌀💟

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