Featured Artist Of The Month - Jenni Munoz

Happy January Everyone!

I’m so happy to introduce you this month, long time friend Jenni Munoz. She’s been a Rodan and Fields Dermatologist Consultant. She’s sharing her journey with us. 💐💐💐

Meet Jenni Munoz!

I am originally from Southern California raised as a single child. My mom originally from Lima, Peru valued hard work and financial stability. I was the first in my family to graduate college in 2000 from Cal State Northridge where I acquired my undergraduate degree in Child Development and fell in love with my husband Miguel Muñoz. In 2015, we welcomed our son Alfonso Muñoz who will turn 7 in March 16, 2022. I like to say that in another life my spirit animal is a dog. I love unconditionally, I’m fiercely loyal and I can be stubborn.
I started my journey in 2013 as a Rodan and Fields Dermatologist Consultant after finding out that several surgeries I was going to need would be costly. This was a way to earn some additional funds to help pay for this. My journey continues today as I help find ways to improve people’s skin care needs and help them see the beauty within with our products. My hope is to build confidence and help people look and feel their best through our individualized skincare care recommendations all done virtually online and shipped directly to customers homes.
I’m inspired by the doctors who founded Rodan and Fields and their shared passion for healthy-looking skin which led them to develop their proprietary Multi-Med Therapy system that takes the guesswork out of skincare and delivers visible results. https://jmunoz1.myrandf.com/en-us/our-story/meet-our-founders
My mom always valued taking care of herself and I’ve tried to model that behavior today. People on the street always think we are sisters which amazes me today as she is now in her 60’s. She is a true testament of aging gracefully. I continue today as a consultant during the times I’m not working as a full time Employee Relations Investigation Manager for Amazon where I continue to help associates with their issues and concerns.
My love for people and helping where I can, inspires me to do the work I do. Those interested in taking their own individual skincare quiz, can do so here https://jmunoz1.myrandf.com/en-us/solution-tool. With a few questions about your skin type and needs the customizable tool used in the founders did today, will recommend the right line of affordable products so you can start your skincare regimen, all with a 60 day empty bottle guarantee.
I always encourage my teams to be true to themselves. Don’t be what people want you to be. The uniqueness we each bring to this world is what makes us so diverse and special.
Thank you for reading my story!  Jenni Munoz

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Love + Light 

Jenn Sher  ⚛️🌀💟

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