Featured Artist Of The Month - Kathleen Blacklock

Happy Holidays!! I can’t believe we are already in the month of December!! The has flown by us so quickly it’s really weird. This month I am so happy to introduce someone I recently met thu Facebook, Kathleen creates these amazing “witch/protection bells” that I feel in love with. I had to share her story in my blog. Let’s get to more about Kathleen! 💜💜💜

  1. Please tell us about yourself. My name is Kathleen Blacklock and I’m a widowed mom of 4 amazing kids ages 27, 18, 13 and 11. I started Magical Witchism about a year ago. I believe in the universe and all the living things within it. I follow a more nature based pagan tradition which allows me to Incorporate nature based elements in my practices. I create Witch Bells/ Protection Bells, home cleansing kits, talisman charms, smudge bundles,  pendulums and more. 
  2. Where are you originally from? I was born in Encino Ca. and moved to The Antelope Valley when I was five. I bought a house 19 years ago in Palmdale Ca. with my late husband Matt.
  3. How did you start this journey? I have always believed there was something else out there other than the Christian religious beliefs. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to be open to the craft and have spent my life inching towards the place I’m at now. 
  4. Your spirit animal would be? I feel like my spirit animal is a mythical creature called the Phoenix. Many times in my life I have fallen  and have managed to rise up and start over when I have needed too. 
  5. Is there something that you are currently learning to amplify your skills? Lately I have been doing Gong Therapy with my best friend who is a sound healer. That has really opened me up spiritually and my relationship with nature helps me stay positive which help me keep my energy levels up. I also love hearing how happy my customer are when they receive a set of Bells I have made them and how it has helped them and given them joy. 
  6. What inspires your work? I am inspired by nature and tarot. I’m constantly inspired by nature when I go on my daily hikes in the mountains and desert. Tarot is a really big part of my life and I honestly draw inspiration when I read my cards.
  7. How do you share your artistry with the world? Where can we find out online? People can find me on FB and Instagram as Magical Witchism. I also have an Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/MagicalWitchism
  8. Do you do this full time or is it more of hobby? I do this part time. I’m still raising my 2 youngest kids who are my whole life. I work on Magical Witchism when they are in school and I do a couple Vendor shows a month that I post on my social media. 
  9. What do you wish to accomplish by sharing with others your artistry? I hope to open people’s minds up to magick especially nature based magick. 
  10. What is the most important thing in your life? The most important things to me in my whole life are my kids.
  11. Do you have a personal motto? Or Favorite quote? My personal motto is “Nothing ever turns out the way you think it’s going to”  I try to live by this. That way my Expectations are in check and I’m not totally disappointed when things don’t work out the way I thought they were going to.

Here are some pictures of Kathleen’s amazing products:



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Love + Light 

Jenn Sher  ⚛️🌀💟


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