Featured Artist of The Month - Lucy Morningstar

Soo delighted to introduce you this month Lucy Morningstar. She’s an amazing artist I’ve been following for a long time. I’ve taken some is her classes and purchased an art print for my daughter. Her art is magical. So let’s get to meet Lucy and what inspires her. 

-Please tell us about yourself.
I help you connect with the powerful collective unconscious through my art of the mystical archetypes and the Tarot. I bring your desires, dreams, and visions to life on canvas through my portrait paintings and art commissions.
My most recent accomplishments include completing 78 hand painted oil pastel illustrations for Ethony’s Modern Love Tarot, which is now available for purchase. [Link: http://bit.ly/mltpresale]
I’m also in the process of creating my own Tarot deck, each image hand painted in oils, featuring many real creative people you and I may know. You can see some of them here [Link: https://lucymorningstar.art/ tarot]
I live in Australia and sell my paintings to collectors worldwide.
-How did you started doing what you love? Tell us about your journey.
I stumbled on an online art class around my 29th birthday and picked up a paint brush for the first time. I instantly knew that I’d like to devote my life to painting. Fast forward a few years, I stumbled on a book on witchcraft and painted a series “Waking the Witch Within” paintings. Soon afterwards, I discovered Tarot, dived into witchcraft, and magick.
-What is it that you want to share with us, what do you love to do?
 I love painting. I love reading books and Tarot cards. I love looking at beautiful art. I love dreamwork. I love giving offering to spirits. I love watching horror movies.
-Is there something that you are currently learning to amplify what you love to do?
Yes, a new craft I’m learning is the Kabbalah. And I continue to learn about the Tarot and oil painting.
The Empress

-What inspires your work?
My spiritual practices of meditation, dreamwork, communion with deities inspire my work, as well Tarot, mythologies, and studies of magick.
-How do you share what you love to do with the world?
I share my art and my magick through my paintings, as well as custom portrait commissions.
-Where can we find you?
You can find my online home base:
*Prints of my artworks: LucyMorningstartArtEtsyStore
*Originals of my paintings: LucyMorningStarOriginals
-Do you do this full time or is it more of hobby?
I do this full time.
-What do you wish to accomplish by sharing what you love to do?
Inspire people to fully embrace themselves and take sovereignty of their lives.
Here are some amazing artwork from Lucy Morningstar.

The Sun 

The Tower



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