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Hello August!! This month I am excited to introduce you to Tracee Dunblazier. I've been following her for so many years now, I personally met her in a Spiritual Fair near where I live. Since then I've been a fan to her amazing Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck. I'm very honored to feature her in my blog this month. 

-Please tell us about yourself.

Tracee Dunblazier GC-C, is a Los Angeles-based spiritual empath, shaman, and a twenty-time national award-winning, best-selling author. As a multi-sensitive, Tracee’s blend of intuitive information combined with different modalities, has provided the opportunity for many to achieve deep healing and create the success and peace they seek in their lives.

 Empathic, delightfully vulnerable, and profoundly real—Tracee Dunblazier’s new keynote “Conquer Your Karmic Relationships” (based on her latest book: Conquer Your Karmic Relationships- Heal Spiritual Trauma to Open Your Heart and Restore Your Soul) is an enlightening presentation that will open your mind to what is happening right in front of you: the multiple energetic dimensions we all share. No matter where you sit on the spectrum of understanding, Tracee makes tangible the connection between mental wellness and spirituality.

 Dunblazier, takes a look at your spiritual imprints and the repetitive patterns that position you in life on every level. Understanding what karma is, and learning all the ways to reveal, accept, forgive, and transform your relationships in every dimension. Not only to your beloveds and romantic entanglements, but how you relate to, food, money, family, culture, religion, sex, death, and your environment. This, sure to be standing room only seminar, will help you unearth the very core of what drives you—showing how to direct its power into usable, life-giving resources for you and all your relations.

Tracee’s compassionate, humorous, down-to-earth style empowers her clients, readers, and listeners to address difficult topics with courage and clarity. Because of this, Tracee is consistently called upon by the media for expert commentary on spirituality and relationship dynamics.

 In 2015, Tracee founded GoTracee Publishing LLC. It has since grown to be a nationally awarded hybrid publisher that specializes in spiritual-healing Narrative Non-Fiction, and divination oracle decks—tools for meditation and self-discovery. Their best-selling Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series and Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck offer light in dark places. They are game changers for those who suffer. GoTracee’s publications expand the reader’s understanding of spiritual transformation and offer the knowledge they need to live their best life.


I grew up in the Southwest and had a fairly normal childhood (at least from the outside looking in). In school, I was popular and sought refuge from the monotony of learning by participating in every school activity I could, getting an education in the traditional sense was difficult for me.

You see, I was a multi-spirited child (many spirits, one body) who had a difficult time keeping my focus or trying to digest the white-washed stories in the history books of the times. I was born Scottish/Irish and English/German, but I carried many spirits of African, Asian, and Indigenous origins. Many were North American or brought here in the times they lived. In confusion, people resorted to calling me “soulful”, leaving it at that.

 In my culture, we didn’t have a name for what I was, except crazy. So, you can understand I kept it to myself, but no matter what one called it, it colored my vision, perspective, and truth every waking and dreaming moment of my life. It gave me the profound empathy I have and ultimately an emotional intelligence that could connect with and consider anyone, truthfully.

-Where are you originally from?

I grew up in New Mexico, and then moved to New York City at seventeen.

-How did you start this journey?

I’ve always been empathic and psychic, mostly which I kept to myself—only a select few knew. Until one night at a friend’s birthday party, about 30 people gathered around as I began to read the birthday girl’s palm. From that point on, being asked to work as a spiritualist gained momentum and within a few years it was my full-time career.

-Your spirit animal would be?

I have deep connections with many animals, but my sustained communications over-time through dreams, visions, and real-life are with Crows, Grizzly Bears, and Jaguars.

-Is there something that you are currently learning to amplify your skills?

I am currently writing a book on Grief (2022, Red Feather Mind, Body, Spirit Publishing), and I always find it astonishing how much you learn about a topic you think you already know, when you take on the task of telling others about it. A lot of research goes into writing a book and requires a deeper reflection on yourself and others. A blessed process, for sure.

-What inspires your work?

People: past and present, Earth, and the Cosmos. They all share a heart and an eternal wisdom that is limitless. I enjoy digging into the deeper layers of how we impact each other and the lasting effects of those connections, over time.

-How do you share your artistry with the world? Where can we find out online?

I am a spiritualist and still love doing private sessions with folks addressing grief, past-life history, soul-retrieval, emotional intelligence, and relationship dynamics. I have authored three books (The Demon Slayer’s Handbook, self-help series), and the Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck (with artist Justine Serebrin). You can find me at the link posted below. 

Do you do this full time or is it more of hobby?

Yes, it’s a full-time job.

-What do you wish to accomplish by sharing with others your artistry?

I hope to inspire the courage in others to delve into their spiritual work and soul imprints. To show people that there is always a resolution to any problem, especially when it appears insurmountable. And, finally, that my work may reveal that the safety and security we all seek is found inside us.

-Please share a beauty routine an older generation passed down to you.

My grandparents lived through the Great Depression and self-care wasn’t seen as necessary, but somehow my mother was able to overcome that teaching. Although she never directly taught me, I witnessed the weekly facial she gave herself by holding her face over a pot of boiling water and towel over her head and the twice daily cleanse and moisturize regimen.

-What is the most important thing in your life?

Surprisingly, this was the hardest question in this interview. Everything in my life is the most important thing when it is right in front of me. I do my best to allow the Universe to set the pace of flow in my life so that everything I value; relationships, clients, my huskies, and new opportunities can move in a balanced way.

-Do you have a personal motto? Or Favorite quote?

My personal motto: To know yourself is to know the Creator: Know Yourself.

Favorite quote: “Radical simply means grasping things at the root.” -Angela Davis.

Here are some of Tracee's published books and Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck:

All of her published books and deck could be found on Amazon. Check them out! Click Here.

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Love + Light 

Jenn Sher  ⚛️🌀💟

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