Interview with Cheryl Tutlemoon, an Amazing Clairvoyant


I'm soooo excited to share with today an beautiful interview I had with Cheryl Tutlemoon. I've met Cheryl couple of years ago thru a Facebook group. She works as a Clairvoyant Medium and Tarot/Oracle reader, and Ordained Spiritualist Minister. She has done quite a few readings for me and she has become a really good friend. She currently lives in the UK. She lives in a town called Kent near the sea. Since we live in two different time zones, she's usually sleeping while I am at work and sometimes I forget that when I message her. It's fun to try to get together sometimes. :)

Here are the questions I've asked her during our interview:

-What inspires your work?

I am inspired by people and my passion is helping them, with the aid of tarot, oracle, angels and Goddesses. I see them as spirits, I am amazed by the way people see things, how they react and how their soul gets affected.

-Will inspiration ever rule the world?

I believe inspiration will rule the world one day, the change has already started. Stigma is being stripped back, people are being more accepting and inspired by others.

-What does happiness mean to you?

I find happiness through many areas such as deck of cards, feeling peaceful, or a blank sheet of artists paper and bright colors.

-What do you want others to know about you?

I want others to know that I am a genuine person ( I know that!), I want the best for everyone and I believe there's enough of everything for everyone.

-How do you share your passion with the world?

I share my passion by doing a tarot card reading each day in various sites (listed below).

-Are you currently working on a project that you would like to share?

I am currently designing and writing a new website about Goddesses and I am loving the process. I truly hope to change the world one day by helping people with the aid of all the gifts I have been given, one person at a time.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Cheryl as much I did getting to know her more. She is a sweet positive lady always supporting others. <3 <3 <3

Cheryl could reach in the following social media outlets and book a reading with her:




She loves teaching others.

She loves participating in events where she could do readings, demonstration of mediumship or evenings of Clairvoyance.

       I’ll be sharing more interviews in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned.

Love + Light

Jenn Sher ⚛️🌀💟

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