Celebrating Progress in my ART Journey

Every now and them I like to remind myself about the progress in my ART journey. Today I wanted to share with everyone how far I’ve come with my paperclay art journey. On the left my first ever Nestie paperclay art doll in 2016 before taking any classes and on the right one of the new version of the Nestie  #paperclay art doll I've made in 2019. I’m so #grateful for all the teachers who have taught me how to improve my art and showed me techniques that now make my paperclay art sculpture making a joy. I love creating these sculptures, they bring so much joy and passion to my art journey. Forever grateful @soulwhisperarts @jeannemarieart @janespakowsky @lindamisa @stampagirl @amberleilani_art @anav.artdolls_and_creatures #paperclayart #dollmaking #artjourney #jennifersherart #artdollsoninstagram #artdollmaking #sculptures


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Love + Light 

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Artist healing paperclay reflection sculptures updates

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