Charcoal Like Mad Workshop - Hosted by Kara Bullock

Charcoal Like Mad Workshop - Hosted by Kara Bullock

In May 2017 I attended Kara Bullock's first in-person workshop. It was such a beautiful experience to meet other artists and enjoy the teachings of one of my favorite teachers Kara.  In this workshop we had the chance to explore different charcoal mediums such as vine, compressed, pencil, colored charcoal and even powder!  Not only we were exposed to the wide array of charcoals available but also Kara demonstrated how they can be used on different substrates such as watercolor paper, toned paper, and card boards. And the best part...Kara gifted us her online Charcoal Like Mad workshop!!! <3 <3 <3

I am now learning to love the depth I'm getting by adding different charcoals and not to be afraid to get messy. And to remove and add as much layers as I want in my drawings or paintings.

I must say that if you ever get a chance to experience an in-person workshop, you should go for it! Taking online classes gets pretty lonely and even though our online Art Community is pretty huge and we support each other all the time, being with other creative peers it's actually pretty awesome. 

I made some amazing connections and became friends with my classmates. I am looking forward to more in-person workshops.  

Here are some pictures of what I worked during the workshop :) and later on when I got home. 

The beauty of this experience is that not only we walked away with such wonderful memories, new friendships but also new knowledge and a lot of different artwork to be proud of. My goal is to continue practicing what I've learned and see in a few months how much I've improved.

Thank you for stopping by my ART blog. 

​​Love + Light 

Jenn Sher ⚛️🌀💟

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