Handmade Art Sculptures - The Journey

Handmade Art Sculptures - The Journey

Today I wanted to share with everyone how far I’ve come with my paperclay art journey. On the right my first ever paperclay doll in 04/2016 before taking any classes and on the right my latest #paperclay sculpture. I’m so #grateful for all the teachers who have taught me how to improve my art and showed me techniques that now make my paperclay art sculpture making a joy. I love creating these sculptures, they bring so much joy and passion to my art journey. Forever grateful @soulwhisperarts @jeannemarieart @janespakowsky @lindamisa @stampagirl @amberleilani_art @anav.artdolls_and_creatures #paperclayart #dollmaking #attjourney #jennifersherart #artdollsoninstagram #artdollmaking #sculptures

Love + Light 

Jenn ⚛️🌀💟

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