I recently had a reading done by my dear friend Miki. And this was the first card that came up. I've been feeling very uninspired and stuck. And this is image explains it to the point. She said this card is about transition and about being in one place and wanting to be in another. And she was so right. I work full time and all I want to do is come home and do ART. But since I've been feeling so stuck. I've been coming home look at all my art supplies and my WIP projects and feel no desire to work on them.

When I discovered Mixed Media Art I found that I really loved ART and it was that missing piece in my life, I'm sure that's what a lot of people feel when they find ART -- its like that long lost love that changes your life.  Her reading reminded me that is the way I need to look at ART- like it has it's own persona. ART is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, ART is my better half and the love of my life, Art doesn't care if you make ugly things, ART adores you. ART wants you to explore yourself.

I am so happy I had this reading with her because it was exactly what I needed to hear. I know I have the skill, the know how, the creativity to do what I want, I need to let go of the fear and the voices (inner critic) inside my head that are stopping me from seeing and exploring my true potential. She reminded me that ART loves me for me-- even when I make something I think and feel is ugly. She said it's like a spiritual practice, no one has to critic the way you devote yourself to god. it's the same thing. ART is that mindful practice that puts you into that space and relationship with god.

She also said learn to be  comfortable in my own skin. I need to feel comfortable with my skill and talent. I need to let go of that need to do it the way someone else does it, or how someone else sees my ART. It's a learning process, there is always more room to learn, improve and expand, look how far I have come!! Feel good about my own talent and skills and don't let someone else's opinion shape the way I feel about what I'm doing.  Quitting should never be an option. ART is like the most beautiful, understanding and forgiving and loving thing in my life that is always there for me and the greatest thing about ART is there is no judgement. I AM AN ARTIST. I AM JENN. I AM ME.

Love + Light 

Jenn Sher ⚛️🌀💟

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