My Latest Art Sculpture - Lack of Inspiration

My Latest Art Sculpture - Lack of Inspiration

For the last month I've been quite exhausted and feeling with such a void in my soul that I have quite a few days where I have felt with no desire to create at all. Feeling sad, uninspired, tired and quite depressed. I'm sure this is probably what you might have felt in the past too.  I am learning that it is OK to feel like this, it is OK to just let those times where you feel quite numb pass through. It is ALL temporary. 

I think it has to do with Mercury Retrograde that happened from March 27 thru April 9, 2017. I've read that when Mercury is retrograde, we tend to notice more issues in the areas of communication, in the way we interact with others and in our surroundings and neighborhood. But I also think it affects our creativity and how we feel the energy around us.

Last week I finally grab some paints, paperclay, wires and other material and I created this #spirit-inspired paperclay ART Sculpture. 

She inspired me to come out of my shell and start thinking about all the things that I have in my life, to feel grateful for my girls, my husband, my job, my close family and my home. She helped me to remember that all the important people and things for me are here in the NOW. To appreciate them and to be present. It is so easy to get lost in the mind and what the EGO keeps telling us. The best way to get out of my head and start creating is by actually doing it. Get that extra push. ART makes my life better, ART helps me feel connected to my inner wisdom, my inner child and my ING (my higher-self). ART would never betrayed me and will never leave me alone.

Hope this little paperclay ART sculpture helps you too.

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Love + Light 

Jenn Sher  ⚛️🌀💟

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