Planning A Paint Party

Last November I planned a Paint Party for my daughter Milla. We celebrated her 9th Birthday. The theme for the paint party was The Nightmare Before Christmas and it turned out very nice. This is my daughter favorite movie of all times. We invited a few family members and a few friends. And since we are currently under restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic there were not many options we had. I wanted to share today the steps I took to plan within a budget. 

1. Select a theme - The Nightmare Before Christmas.

2. Select some easy characters to draw and paint with simple colors - Jack, Sally, Zero.

3. Make a list of participants and confirm they are attending so you know the number of supplies to buy. Total of 12 for this party.

4. Purchase on Amazon packages of the following:

- Board Canvases (12 pack)

- Paint  Brushes (10 pack)

- Acrylic Painting (Primary Colors)

- Canvas Easels (optional) some of the kids ended up not using them.

- Sharpies (6 pack) 

- Cups & Plates for the paint

 Once everything arrived at the house. I’ve decided to prepare the canvases for the kids so I’ve asked their parents to find out which character they would like to paint. And I’ve drew them into the board canvas. 

Then I’ve made a list of colors that will be used for each painting and wrote them down in the name tag that was set for each seat. 

Since I had a simple design and also simple colors the kids were able to paint along with an ease. I had painted samples of the paintings aso they could see what the painting supposed to look like or if they wanted different colors they could also do that too!! 


 All of these supplies were affordable to buy on Amazon. I’ve decided to have a cake with the same theme and balloon decorations to bring the whole theme together. I’ve spent the most money in two items since they were custom made for the party. They turned out so amazing. 


Balloon decorations


Custom made props for the photo booth 

I was very proud of what I had accomplished with the planning & execution of this paint party that I wanted to share with you. 🦋🦋🦋

Milla & her friends were happy with their paintings. 

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Love + Light 

Jenn Sher  ⚛️🌀💟

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