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Introducing My Creative Process & More

During the holiday season, there's a lot going on @ Jennifer Sher Art. Don't miss out any of the Holiday Offers we are having, click HERE to see our shop online offer.  I'll be participating in an event almost every weekend during the month of November. Click HERE to find out when and where. I wanted to introduce you my creative process. Hope you find it a bit interesting.  Everything starts with something such as an inspiration, a concept, an idea or just the urge to create.. to create a piece of art is a long process, many thoughts, much planning, sketching...a lot of trial and error.  The more art I create, the more ideas popped into my head and  I...

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My Heart is Full ♥️♥️♥️

Creating Hearts w/Milla ♥️ This past weekend my youngest daughter, Milla helped me create these beautiful heart-shape paperclay messages. She was very determine to create them from scratch. She helped me by creating the heart shape with newspaper, adding tape to keep the form in place, adding clay, adding stamps throughout so they could decorated, putting them by the heater so they could be dried within a few hours, then adding the different acrylic layers and finally deciding on the message that we wanted to add.  We looked at a few word stickers we had on hand and we decided: Be Brave Be Happy Be Yourself Choose Love Choose Happiness Here are some pictures Milla while creating: When I asked...

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A Day of Healing Event

A Day of Healing Event 03/31/2019 Yesterday I participated in this amazing event in Tarzana, CA. This was a community healing event where we came together to celebrate life and focus on HEALING, LOVE, CREATIVITY, WELLNESS and CONNECTION to each other as well as to our higher selves, angels & guides. I've meet so many different wonderful people. My parents even came to visit me on this event. I was so happy to see them get involved with the drumming circle, it was so out of their comfort zone but they enjoyed it. I love to see how they support small business.  I am beyond grateful to see my art being appreciated and having my art dolls going to a new...

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