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Featured Artist of The Month - Jennifer Sher

This month I wanted to share with all of you more about myself. It is my Birthday Month. And due to what is going on lately in the world I've been very quiet lately. I also wanted to take this time to remind myself and refresh my memories as to why I am an artist and why I love to share my art with the world.  I am so happy to see you are coming along with me in this art adventure that is Jennifer Sher Art. My artist statement: "I am Jennifer Sher, a Mixed Media artist who loves to work with Paperclay. I create these hand-crafted art dolls in my home studio, I do my best to give...

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Featured Artist of the Month - Harriette Knight

I'm sooo excited to feature the beautiful soul friend Harriette Birnholz Knight this month in my blog. I've met Harriette when I moved to Santa Clarita back in 2015. Then our paths crossed again last year when I saw her again at the Day Of Healing event. She fell in love with my chakra dolls. It was so nice to see her again. Let's get to know more about Harriette and her gift. Please tell us about yourself. Many people ask me if I’ve always been psychic, and since I believe that all of us are psychic, then yes, I’ve always been, too.  I was born on Christmas Eve in 1954 and grew up in New Jersey with wonderful parents and...

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Featured Artist of the Month - Lisa Severino

I am so excited to feature Lisa Severino this month in my blog. She's been an artist that I have been following thru Instagram for a while. I love her art and the way she expresses it. I even got the opportunity to meet her and attend one of her classes. Let's get to know more about Lisa and what inspires her art. <3 <3 <3 Where are you from? Where are you currently living? I grew up in Ojai, California and after living elsewhere for twenty years, I recently moved back home! What is your brand and/or your passion? I am passionate about making art, being brave, and helping others connect with their own creative voice. As an artist I'm required...

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Featured Artist of the Month - Diana Klauss

Happy January! This month I am happy to featured this amazing artist from my own town. Diana and I met thru Instagram, and we finally met in person last year when we both participated in the Pasadena Art Walk. Let's get to know more about Diana and what inspires her art. Hi I'm Diana Klauss and I'm from the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley. I grew up here and have lived here for the majority of my life. No where else feels like home to me. My brand is called The Heart Eyed Artist because I love heart shaped sunglasses and all of my paintings are based on things that I love. I am inspired by animals, nature, flowers, bright colors,...

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Meditation Art Dolls

I’ve been creating these art dolls since I’ve decided to create a class to teach others how to create them. I like the fact that they could be a way of communicating a message to someone you love or to yourself a reminder. I always think about a theme that I want my dolls to have. I’ve been wanting to create chakra dolls for a while. Here are some dolls I’ve created this time around. Chakras are our energetic centers in the body. We can tune into the seven major chakras to give us signals about how we are functioning energetically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve recently had an aura/chakra scan done for me. I love how it turned out....

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