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Welcome to my blog! This blog is a way to express my creativity, lifestyle and other things I find interesting and love. I’m a mom with 3 beautiful girls and my beloved husband living in Southern California.  I will be blogging about living a healthy lifestyle, personal development, getting creative through painting, decorating and dancing, my journey balancing my full time job and home duties and the love I have for Mixed Media Art! YAY! 

Through discovering what Mixed Media Art is all about I found something deep in me that wanted to be expressed. I found passion for Art again. From the book, My Depression Free Life says: Find something to live for, matter how big or small. We all need a reason to live for or else we feel there's no reason to continue on. We are all for a reason. Find that reason and go for it. I found this very encouraging and I'm going for IT!

Come along on my ART journey, discovering how ART can heal, release stress and make you just feel good. 🥰

I believe making art that will inspire others is such a great feeling. Having something created by your hands using paperclay, acrylic paints, embellishments, recycled items is actually a way to infuse the art with the love and caring you are doing the piece. It’s an expression of your soul. 

I'm a mother of 3 beautiful girls. I love art and connecting with like-minded individuals. I am grateful to  share my blog with you. The path to learn Mixed Media Art technique and unleash my inner child. Welcome to the journey...:P

Stay tune...More to come!!

Love & Light 🦄

Jen Sher

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