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Interview With Miki Brittenham, A Professional Intuitive, Coach

Hi Everyone! I am happy to introduce Miki Brittenham, she is a professional intuitive, coach, animal communicator and crystal practitioner. She’s been my friend since late 2016 and I adore her. She’s been my confident, friend and coach. She means so much to me. I am sooo excited for you to get the know her. Here’s our interview: -Where are you from? Where do you live now? I am originally from Hawaii. I grew up on the island of Maui until I was about 9 years old and then my mom and I moved to the island of Oahu. It was a really magical place to grow up. I’ve had so many experiences that most people haven’t had. I remember...

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Owls in The Air

I’ve been fascinated about owls all my life. I have a small collections of owls that now are part of my growing Paperclay collection. Since the time I took a class at Kara Bullock Studio taught by Kj Allison, it was such a spark in my creative adventure. I can’t stop creating them now and I am happy to see that they are being welcome by everyone.  These owls are now being shown in the “Dark & Strange” event at the Santa Clarita Artists Association Gallery, located in Newhall, Ca. The show runs from September 6, 2019 thru October 27, 2019.  Since then I’ve decided to create more owls and also to take some commissions.  Here’s a commission that was...

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Interview with Madelene Antrim, An Artist of Surrealist Folk Art Dolls

Since I started creating Paperclay Sculptures I have discovered quite a few artists in Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I started following and getting to know their art. I met Madelene on Instagram and I have become a fan of her artwork. She is so inspiring and talented. I wanted to get to know her more so I reached out to her so she could tell us about herself. Here are the questions I've asked her during our interview: -Where are you from? Where are you currently living? Tell us about yourself. I live in Edina, Minnesota, just outside Minneapolis. I grew up in Mankato, a small college town in Southern Minnesota, and hopped around the country for a few years...

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Creativity Is About...<3 <3 <3

Recently I shared a quote on IG "Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking the rules, making mistakes and having fun". This resonates with me because that's exactly what I've been doing since the day I discovered Mixed Media Art and Paperclay.  This past weekend I taught my 1st Paperclay Art Class in Burbank, CA.  Even though it was a small group I think it was exactly what I needed in order to learn and see what works. These healing meditation art dolls turned out amazing. I’ll be planning another in-person class soon and I'll be adding an online class too! ♥️ So stay tuned. It's going to be amazing. Here are the two handmade sculptures I’ve created during the class I...

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Create Your Own Meditation Art Doll Class - August 17, 2019

Hi Artsy Friends, I am delighted to announce I am going to teach my first ever Paperclay Class using Mixed Media Art techniques! I will be teaching how to use many different materials to create one-of-a-kind meditation dolls. These dolls can be decorated and painted in the student’s unique style. These meditation dolls could serve as a tool to meditate based on the student’s intention. The class will last 2 hours. Students will be able to create 1 to 2 dolls during the 2 hours. Class Fee includes materials. Materials: Creative Paperclay Newspaper Masking Tape Acrylic Paints Face Molds Alphabet Stamps Decorative Stamps Minimum class size is 5 students. Maximum class size is 15 students. If less than the 5 students sign up, class...

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