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Art inspired by FREEDOM MOVEMENT

Art inspired by FREEDOM MOVEMENT During 2015, I had the opportunity to share this beautiful painting with the community called FREEDOM MOVEMENT. My art is been around the country thru their workshops.  I love the fact that this movement empowers women through the word of GOD.Their message is simple: You are not alone in what you struggle with. God sees it all and loves you. His desire is to heal and give you hope. We believe God has called us to create a space where no matter what a woman has done and no matter what has been done to her, she can let down her walls, feel loved and see that God wants to redeem what has been broken.

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Sharing My Art Sculptures with The World <3 <3 <3

Sharing My Art Sculptures with The World <3 <3 <3 I've been creating these amazing, stress relief Paperclay sculptures since last year. And I have found a beautiful new way to share my love of Mixed Media Art with the world.The whole process of creating a new character is so amazing, I am eager to see what comes up. Every single time each character is so different and the struggles and the wins that I encounter with each are all printed in my soul/heart. I believe they will be drawn to people who are looking to connect with Spirit, Ancestors and others beyond our current reality. They will provide others exactly what they need, safety, love, healing and joy. I am so...

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IN BETWEEN WORLDS - ART MAKING I recently had a reading done by my dear friend Miki. And this was the first card that came up. I've been feeling very uninspired and stuck. And this is image explains it to the point. She said this card is about transition and about being in one place and wanting to be in another. And she was so right. I work full time and all I want to do is come home and do ART. But since I've been feeling so stuck. I've been coming home look at all my art supplies and my WIP projects and feel no desire to work on them. When I discovered Mixed Media Art I found that...

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Hello World!

HELLO WORLD! Welcome to my blog! This blog is a way to express my creativity, lifestyle and other things I find interesting and love. I’m a mom with 3 beautiful girls and my beloved husband living in Southern California.  I will be blogging about living a healthy lifestyle, personal development, getting creative through painting, decorating and dancing, my journey balancing my full time job and home duties and the love I have for Mixed Media Art! YAY! Through discovering what Mixed Media Art is all about I found something deep in me that wanted to be expressed. I found passion for Art again. From the book, My Depression Free Life says: Find something to live for, matter how big or small. We...

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