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Hello World!

Thank you for stopping by my ART Blog and Shop. I'm Jennifer Sher, Mixed Media Artist and here’s a little more about my why, the reason I am doing Mixed Media Art and my motivation to live a CREATIVE lifestyle.

Hope you read it. ♥♥
“Creative Living” to ME means:
-Believing in myself
-Creating every day and inspiring others to do so
-Taking time to do the things I love ♥
-Embracing new experiences 

My motto: “Let Go of the FEAR, Embrace the UNKNOWN

Making every second in every day really count. Feel productive and nourish my relationship with my loves ones, my friends and my peeps (artsy people). ​Being positive, empowering one another and being authentic.
Why am I writing this blog?
When I discovered Mixed Media ART and I was blown away with this type of art and what you could do by learning how to create it. Since I am pretty new I wanted to start sharing my journey discovering this art and what currently I am working on. I want to give hope to other moms, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, parents, kids and young adults and let them know that anybody can do this and it is never too late to start. It’s a new chapter in my life and can be yours too!

Join me in this creative journey where I embark to discover my magic and inner child as a Mixed Media Artist. The love that I have for Art is inexplicable and I have finally found a way that feels so raw and natural to me. This has made my soul need it. I am sharing all the experiences and opportunities I have to work on this Art technique. I feel like I am in my own bubble. Can you relate?  Hope you stick around and enjoy my posts along with my heart-felt comments on what I am learning. I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to teach others what I am learning. 

Purpose of my blog?
The purpose of my blog is to share how to live an inspired creative life, to actively engage and live each day with purpose and intent. To choose to surround myself with positive people and influences. Live my life through sharing my journey with Mixed Media Art and inspire others to do/start their journey.

I want to be the best wife, the best mom and more than anything happy with something of my own. I own my ART, it’s a window through my soul, creativity and mind. Something I could say “Yes” I created that with my own hands. And show my kids that no matter what we go through life we could overcome obstacles and succeed. Keep faith, keep love and keep believing in oneself.

Hope this insight of my blog will help you engage with me and share your experiences, your daily activities, your why and what keeps you motivated so we could empower and inspire one another. ♥♥♥

Why I’ve decided to create these Handmade OOAK sculptures?

Dolls have existed since the beginning of humankind, and in every corner of the globe, serving as companions and playthings but also as containers of ancient wisdom, healing and transformational powers. Contemporary dolls can have the same power as ancient dolls, to hold multiple layers of meaning and intention, both for the maker and the observer. They can serve as mirrors and companions to our deepest, truest selves. I’m fascinated about what they represent and how they can help people. 

My intention when creating these lovely handmade art sculptures is to fill them with love and serenity so that's the energy they will transmit to the place they end up. Bringing a beautiful healing and uplifting vibration to homes. Hoping that customers will love looking at them in their sacred spaces and holding them close to their heart.

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Love + Light

Jenn Sher 🌀💟