Spirit Whisperer - Jennifer Sher Art
Spirit Whisperer - Jennifer Sher Art
Spirit Whisperer - Jennifer Sher Art
Spirit Whisperer - Jennifer Sher Art

Spirit Whisperer

Jennifer Sher Art

Meet the Spirit Whisperer! Have you ever found a feather in your path? Feathers are known to be signs from the angelic realm. The Spirit Whisperer places these sacred feathers in front of you when you need them the most, bringing you a feeling of love and protection straight from the Divine. Bring the Spirit Whisperer home today. You never know when she may drop a feather in your path.

This beautiful handmade mixed media art sculpture is completely hand-crafted, in my studio, using a variety of mediums, with the majority being recycled materials, giving each doll an extraordinary personality.  The Spirit Whisperer would make a wonderful addition to any art collection, whether it’s for the amateur, the connoisseur or someone in between. These one of a kind handmade art sculptures are unique gifts to be treasured for years to come.

A message from Jenn: 

My intention when creating these lovely handmade art sculptures is to fill them with love and serenity. My wish is for them to bring that beautiful healing and uplifting vibration to the homes or offices they end up in. You will love looking at them and holding them close to your heart. ❤️

Installment Plans: Jennifer Sher Art is open to installments to help you grow your collection. There are no interest or service fees.

For example, at $350, make an initial deposit of $100 and then equally spread the $250 balance over a predetermined number of months; up to 3 months. Customer is welcome to pay off the remaining balance sooner than scheduled.

Jennifer Sher Art will reserve your artwork (make unavailable to other customers) until you pay the piece in full. Payments can be made via Paypal. An invoice will be sent to you with scheduled payments.

Once the piece is paid in full, your item will be shipped. Jennifer Sher Art offers FREE SHIPPING.

Contact Jennifer Sher at info@jennifersher.com for more information on interest free installment plans, cash and check sales, additional images of artwork, and any questions regarding purchases.

You should take one home today.  Just click “Add to Cart” ☺️ You know you want to!

Love + Light 
Jenn Sher ⚛️🌀💟


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